Ellie Bellie Kids princess crown
Despite the fact that we have managed to stay fairly clear of the princess movies, princess dress-up clothes, and princess storybooks around my place, my girls are still enamored of the whole princess thing. I give up! But if I do give up I want them to play Princess Who Saves a Cat From a Tree While Using Her Imagination and Maybe Winning a Nobel Prize Too, not Princess Who Can’t Be Bothered Because She Might Rip Her Dress.

Clearly mom Jennifer Cooper of CMP fave Ellie Bellie Kids shares my desires, because their new storytelling dress-up crown is made for that very thing. Described as a storybook you can wear, that’s about right. This soft but sturdy cotton twill (yay, washable!) crown features imagination-starting images from illustrator Linda Oliver of castles, flowers and yeah, poofy princess dresses, along the front of the white crown – or dragons, shields and knight’s armor on the black prince crown.

Which, by the way, would be pretty cool for a girl too.

The dress-up crown comes right in a sweet little drawstring bag so it’s ready made for gift-giving at the next royal ball. –Liz

Find the cool dress-up crowns for boys and girls at Ellie Bellie Kids and save 20% off all non-sale items with code CMP!

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