Petunia Pickle Bottom Cameo Clutch
Smaller diaper bags and diaper clutches tend to be sporty, so if you prefer something more stylish and on trend, you’re often left to fend for yourself with a small purse stuffed with baby stuff, praying that the bottle doesn’t leak onto your not-quite-waterproof lining.

Well, small chic bag lovers, let me introduce you to the beautiful new Petunia Pickle Bottom Cameo Clutch from their “Cake” line, which looks like it was stolen right off the Mad Men prop table. (You did watch the season premiere last night, right?)

I’m always hearing a lot of chatter about the PPB bags from moms and after seeing this clutch, I know why. The renaissance inspired fabric combined with tweed accents and mid-century styling is truly unique–as is how easily the wipes case and attached changing pad fit into a small frame. And there’s still room, even special pockets, for the keys or pacifiers that you need to carry around too.

While the look might be a little fancier than what I’d carry on an everyday basis, that’s actually what I like about it. Now someone pour me a martini, will you? -Kristen

Visit Petunia Pickle Bottom for a wide selection of chic diaper bags.

Congratulations to Terri O., winner of the Petunia Pickle Bottom Cameo Clutch!


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