Eco-friendly reusable lunch box kit for kids by Citizenpip
I pack school lunches for my kids every day. I don’t mind actually making the lunches; it’s the packaging that gets me, all those little plastic bags bound for the trash, stored in a garish character tie-in lunchbox. That part is depressing.

CMP has brought you plenty of alternatives lately and now here’s one more: Citizenpip’s Soup to Nuts Kit brings cool design and eco-friendly storage together — for lunch. Each stylish, insulated lunch box holds a thermos, water bottle, four airtight reusable food containers that can be opened by little hands, a fork and spoon, and five washable, reusable cotton napkins. But it’s unlikely that your kids will need all that at once, unless they eat a lot more than mine.

Everything in the lunch kit is BPA, lead, pthalate, and PVC-free, too, so your kids are only ingesting what you packed for them. Unless they’re trading lunches with the kid with the peanut butter and sugar sandwiches, but that’s another issue. -Susan

Get your own Soup to Nuts reusable lunch kit at Citizenpip and use coupon code cmp10 for 10% off when you spend $40 (through 9/30/09). And for more cool lunchbox options check out our 2009 Back to School Shopping Guide!

Congratulations to Leah D., lucky winner of the Soup to Nuts Lunch Kit!

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