So Woodstock and I both celebrated our 40th birthdays this year, the one big difference is that mine isn’t being commemorated with ridiculously cool apparel, like this Woodstock kids tee made by Rowdy Sprout.

While the summer may be galloping towards the finish line the layered look, with the white thermal sleeves (I know, it’s hard to see in the photo) is perfect for Fall. My son loves the Hippie theme, but can’t quite bring himself to wear a t-shirt with flowers and hearts on it so instead he bugged me mercilessly for the Rolling Stones tee instead.

Now, the Woodstock Festival may have been free, but these shirts aren’t. I say buy a slightly larger size to extend its lifespan, roll up the sleeves and let your love child rock the hippie look longer–and by love child I mean child that you love, I swear. –Betsy

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