Custom doll bedding by Javis Davis
At two, my youngest daughter is already into dolls in a way that her big sister never was. She pushes them in strollers, shares her dessert with them, and gives them rides on the bulldog–much to the bulldog’s dismay. She tucks her dolls into bed with her with so much care and sweetness and kindness, that it almost makes up for the fact that she was shrieking bloody murder moments beforehand when I told her she couldn’t sleep in my bed. (Ah, two. Such a glorious, glorious age.)

And now she is going to be able to tuck Rose and Dora and Bunny into their own beds with the help of CMP fave Javis Davis and their brand new, ohmigod-quality custom doll beds. Which you seriously have to see to believe.

This wonderful mom-daughter run custom crib bedding company out of Alabama is now devoting their same intricate attention to detail to mini versions of their beloved sheet and crib sets. The small foam mattress is covered with snug fitted sheets top and bottom, plus a 7-piece set of blankets and pillows, all in coordinating fabrics from bold and modern to sweet and Peter Rabbit-y traditional. Pick out your own fabric collection and rest assured it’s all easily washable. Bonus. I suppose you could pair it with an existing wooden doll bed if you’ve got one, but really there’s no need at all. The set is beautiful exactly as it comes.

custom doll bed from Javis Davis
The doll bed makes be a jaw-dropping birthday gift, holiday gift or a really super way to help your baby transition to a big girl bed. (Or big boy bed, of course.) As for me, I’m praying that ours will be a way to get my daughter to stay in her own bed, period.

So while normally I’d give my review sample away to a reader, in this case, not on your sweet life mama. I know you understand.?? –Liz

Find stunning custom doll beds and custom bedding online from Javis Davis

Congratulations to Kate A., lucky winner of the Javis Davis custom doll bed!

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