Asheba In the Kid Zone children's CD - calypso, world beatOn a recent drive to the beach, my kids and I glumly watched the black clouds rolling in as we all collectively whined, “Rain again?” Fortunately the CD I chose to turn on at that moment was Asheba’s totally fun calypso and world beat release, In The Kid Zone.

The mood in our car changed as soon as we heard the sound of the steel drums and the artist’s joyful, smooth voice. And while I’ve never been to the Caribbean, native Trinadadian Asheba sure made me feel like I was headed that way with the authentic sound of songs like Calypso and Keskidee, about a whistling little West Indian bird, plus infectious lyrics that kids simply adore.

I’d image that In The Kid Zone will warm us up even when the snow starts swirling around outside. Which will happen before you know it. -Christina

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