favorite toddler backpacks on betterTV
Still looking for the perfect backpack for your preschooler? You’re in luck. Because recently, CMP editor Liz Gumbinner taped a segment for BetterTV on some of the cutest backpacks for younger kids headed to preschool and kindergarten.

Our picks, and all of them PVC free of couuuuuurse:

1. The new Zoo Packs from Skip Hop (featured: Monkey, Bunny)

skip hop monkey backpack
2. The neoprene backpacks from Dabbawalla (featured: Doggie, Penguin)

3. The new Planet Color by Todd Parr backpacks from 4 Peas, with matching lunch tote. (featured: Love Pink)

Click over and watch the segment on BetterTV here.

You’ll also find some great PVC-free lunchbox and snack ideas from Jennifer Perillo of In Jennie’s Kitchen and a few gadgets and bags for older kids from Beth Feldman of Role Mommy. Turns out, moms have lots of good ideas. Go figure!

Congratulations to Melissa J., Erin T., Jennifer O., Nancy G., and Rebecca B., lucky winners of some extremely cute preschool backpacks!!


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