Baby Burrito diaper changing pad
With three kids and only one bag, I’ve taken to paring down to what I consider to be an essential? to make room for stuff I really need when I head out the door. And lately, that’s meant tossing the usually hefty diaper changing pad and making do with my baby carrier or racing back to use the car seat instead.

But thanks to the mom-designed Baby Burrito changing pad, which rolls up tightly enough to fit in my jam-packed bag, I’m back on the changing pad wagon. The fabrics are stylish and easily wiped down (key!) and their pocket changing pads, with pockets to stash a few diapers, are long enough so that you can fold over the top portion for a bit of extra head cushioning for your babe. If you’re really smart, you’ll keep one in your glove compartment too. Yes, they get that small.? -Kristen

Check out the modern baby?blankets and?baby changing pads at?Baby Burrito.

Congratulations to Jill E., winner of the Baby Burrito changing pad!

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