Spiderella Sweet Red Rose RingIf you’re looking for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ that will brighten your day and class up your look for fall, take a look at the hot color this season – red. Think of it as a little reward for surviving summer (and all those pastels) intact.

The Sweet Red Rose ring from Spiderella Studio
(above) made me catch my breath. It’s small, inexpensive and just the right
size to wear to a Back-to-School night in jeans and a nice

Red Jersey Tunic Vest by erinleighheart

If you’re going somewhere a bit nicer (date night?) this Jersey Knit Tunic Vest from erinleighheart would be perfect, maybe over a cami if it’s a little plungey for you. It’s upscale but comfortable and paired with some smart shoes, irresistible.

Julie Boyles Red Leather Journal

Just look at this handmade leather journal in Julie Boyles
store – I don’t know about you but I am a journal fiend and my
collection continues to grow weekly. It’s exactly what one needs when trying to keep all the school info
and teacher instructions and new friends’ parent’s info straight.

The Leather Store Frilly Lilly Bag - red
And to carry my new leather journal, I want this Frilly Lilly bag from The Leather Store. This bag is fully lined in red cotton and has three compartments
inside just perfect for cell phones, lipstick and that scrap of paper with the sitter’s number on it.

Necklush Scarf and Cowl

Scarves are still big this fall, and I love the beautiful scarf from Necklush that can also be worn as a cowl. Made from cotton loops, it adds instant 2009 to your 2008 outfits. –Leah