community gardenWe love opportunities to get our kids involved in community
service, so we’re so delighted to hear
that 9/11 is now officially a National Day of Service and Remembrance. It’s also better than making it a National Day of Watching 24 Hour News Channels and Being Depressed.

It’s really a beautiful concept. And if you need some ideas on what kinds of services to perform, take a look at

The organization was created as a spot for people to share their service plans, donate to support the organization, or find a project in the works to join in. This volunteer movement is a wonderful way to teach our kids about helping those in need and the importance of a strong community, and 9/11 gives you an excuse to start that conversation in your own home. Even with little ones.

One other way to honor the day in a positive way is to head over to September Concert and find some musical happiness in your area. Created in 2002 as a way to spread a message of peace through music, these free concerts on September 11 range from grand performances on the steps of the NY Public Library, to choral performances in parks and schools around the US, and as far as Japan and the UAE.

Serve, remember, rock out. All excellent ideas.  -Carrie

Find 9/11 service opportunities at and look for musical listings in your area at

[photo: tracey clark for shutter sisters]