The Not-Its! kids' music albumI remember when the bands coming out of Seattle’s indie music scene set the bar for what was cool, so it shouldn’t surprise me that the most rockin’ new kids’ band, The Not-Its!, call that region home.

Their debut CD, We Are The Not-Its!, makes me want to pull over to the side of the playground, open the hatchback and turn the volume up as high as it’ll go, to share their music with the masses of kids. Yes, it’s that good.

What hooked me is hearing kids’ music with real indie-band backing but minus the preachy “wash your hands” lyrics. Indeed, change the words to their song B.A.T.H. with its kick-ass chorus, and I could be hearing it in one of the dark indie rock clubs I spent my twenties.

The members of The Not-Its! were frequenting those same clubs, playing in punk and indie bands before slowing down to have kids. Lead singer Sarah Shannon’s former band, Velocity Girl, sits in my grown-up CD collection, and I smiled to hear shades of VG’s My Forgotten Favorite at the beginning of Watch Me Share. The entire CD feels like one big love-fest for the kind of indie music I love with big jumpy drums, cool bass and guitar riffs, not-too-pretty harmonies, and strong vocals from Sarah and rhythm guitarist Danny Adamson. Even their slower songs, like the absolutely lovely Helicopter, feel joyful and fun.

And, I’d also like to kiss The Not-Its! for closing out their CD not with a typical quiet lullaby, but with the bouncy Shadows. Because, really, after the half-hour of fun we’ve had listening to all the other songs, we sure don’t want to slow down now. –Christina

Grab your copy of The Not-Its! CD, aptly named We Are The Not-Its! from their website or from CD Baby.

Congratulations to Erin H., lucky winner of The Not-It’s! CD!