Expressing Motherhood
Night Out is an all too rare occasion. (Who’s with us?) So Cool Mom
Picks co-founders Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase are excited to be
part of three good excuses to get out in NYC this week, when we perform along
with a group of super talented writers as part of the off-off Broadway play, Expressing Motherhood.

by short film director Lindsay Kavet, and writer/producer Jessica
Cribbs during their kids’ naptimes, this series of performances
features a group of moms simply telling their (sometimes inspirational,
often hilarious) stories of motherhood under the bright lights.

After hugely successful runs in LA, this is the first show featuring
New Yawk mamas and we’d love to have you come out and support us!

are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a special “Mom’s Night Out”
opening night including wine, nibbles, and awesome raffle prizes.

So grab a babysitter or put the sigOth to work, grab your closest
mom friend, and join us as we celebrate our weak bladders, our kids’
most annoying toys, and other joys of motherhood. -Kristen and Liz

Purchase tickets online here for Expressing Motherhood at the Tada Theater, 15 W 28 St, September 24-26


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