Savvy Supermarket Cents contest
If you haven’t noticed, it’s become increasingly cool to be savvy about money these days. We love the iPhone apps that point out deals, the online swap sites, and even the shopping blogs that offer up discount codes as often as possible (ahem). So we’re really honored that we were asked to be among the judges of the Savvy Supermarket Cents contest in the next couple of weeks.

Simply upload a You Tube video at describing how you manage to be savvy with money you spend at the grocery or drug store — and that doesn’t have to mean you wash and reuse the paper towels. Maybe you’ve got a killer system for buying local produce in season only, or keeping a separate fridge to store larger cuts of beef that can feed your family for a whole season like our associate editor Christina does.

Who knows — maybe you’ve got your own illegal chicken coop on the rooftop of your Soho loft.

We know our readers are as creative as it gets (you totally are!), so we hope you’ll enter for a shot at the grand prize $1000 gift certificate to the retailer of your choice, or the other $1500 worth of category prizes. You’ve got until October 16. [edited to add: You now have until November 6 to enter]

And if one of our readers do win? We hope you’ll use it to splurge on a little white truffle oil or something. Even frugalistas deserve a little splurge from time to time, right? –Liz and Kristen

Enter IRI’s Savvy Supermarket Cents contest for a chance to win total prizes of $2500 in shopping sprees. US residents only please – see the Savvy Cents You Tube page for all the legalese. But don’t worry, it’s pretty basic! We’ll be judging the entries in early November.


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