There are some mass produced stuffed animals, like Ugly Dolls, that I really love, but there is something extra special about buying a handmade toy, like Oliver Rabbit from Rachelod on Esty.

Rachel O’Donnell designed these soft, cotton stuffed rabbits to have loads of personality, even without any facial features. I love their long ears and legs which are perfect for little hands to grip, but my favorite thing is the charming fabrics they’re made from. Because they’re handmade, if you have some other color or pattern, in mind Rachel is willing to customize to suit your taste.

Each bunny comes with a removable felt scarf (which I’d take off for children under 3) and a hand-written tag with its name, birthday, and a short note. She even offers free gift wrapping. Plus check out the new line of Winter Rabbits coming out made from cozy flannel fabrics and hand-knit scarves.

It’s not surprising that this line of cute little stuffed animals is multiplying, they are rabbits after all.–Betsy

Handmade stuffed animals like Oliver and his friends Maisy and Sally can be found at Rachelod on Esty.

Congratulations to Christy B., lucky winner of Oliver Rabbit!


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