cobweb plate for Halloween
I’ve got a friend who goes all out for Halloween starting in mid-September. Her six year-old son has already drawn countless zombies and skeletons for their front entry, and she’s now planning what sort of cupcakes she should decorate this year — Evil robots? Crazed vampires? Bloody eyeballs? (Boy, it’s different having boys, isn’t it?)

So when I saw this cool handmade cobweb plate from Minnesota potter Meghan Elizabeth I thought it would be so fabulous under her expertly decorated cupcakes. However if all you can muster is a box of store bought cookies with candy corns squashed in the middle, the cobweb plate will look pretty cool serving those too. And knowing some kids, they’ll be asking to eat off it long after Halloween is over.  –Liz

Find the cobweb plate at ME Pottery on etsy which makes for great Halloween decor!

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