Halloween treat bags and candy cornAround our house, Halloween is right up there with Hanukkah and birthdays so of course we’re looking to see what the grande dame of decorating has in store for this spooky season. Martha Stewart’s Halloween Central is a great place to find products and ideas that are perfect for everyone from the craftiest of moms to, well, me.

Here are some even I can handle: The creepy Halloween window clings, which only require windows and static electricity (and hey, I’ve got both) and the skull pumpkin transfers, perfect for fans of the no-carve pumpkin decorating options.

Spend some time clicking around the site for inspiration and free Halloween craft ideas. But if you find the prospect of making your own spider web hurricane glasses too daunting, you can just buy them. Here are a few that actually look simple:

creepy halloween floral display | martha stewart
Creepy floral display – the next day, remove the plastic bugs
and you have pretty flowers!

jack-o-lantern balloons | martha stewart
Jack-o-lantern balloons

Oh, and be sure to pick up some of the fantastic-looking Halloween wine labels which say things like Arsenic and Poison, if you’ve got adults hitting your party. Because before you deal with a night of kids on crazy sugar highs, you’re going to want to fortify yourself. -Betsy

Find great Halloween decor and craft ideas on MarthaStewart.com.

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