Monarch Butterfly Endnagered Species StrollerI’ve always been a fan of cause-related marketing, or in human terms, charitable efforts for brands. Especially when the company really seems dedicated to the cause, and that’s what I’ve found to be the case with Timi and Leslie and their new endangered species strollers designed in a partnership with BabyPlanet.

Each of the four, brand new strollers goes to raise awareness of four endangered species (to whatever degree that’s possible with a stroller), but what’s better is that a big ol’ check goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society each year, along with an additional $5 from each purchase.

My favorite is easily the monarch butterfly stroller in this season’s popular orange, although the lemur leaf frog stroller is right up there.

Of course it’s not all design and do-gooding here; the stroller is actually BabyPlanet’s Solo Sport stroller, which has a lightweight aluminum frame, an easy fold, more than decent features for a $189 price tag, and a full recline that let’s you set your little creature down in there from 1 month on. And when you’re done with it? BabyPlanet has a program to donate their used strollers to a family in need or recycle it. Seems like a good idea from beginning to end. –Liz

Preorder the Timi and Leslie endangered species strollers from the BabyPlanet store for January shipment, or find them through our affiliate Amazon