American Express Destination Family Travel
Travel is essential to keeping one’s sanity after having kids, but in this economy every little discount and special deal helps. Well if you have an American Express card, you can now reap the benefits of their new Destination Family travel program which seems pretty cool.

Check out the whole brochure online, but the upshot is that if you use Destination Family travel agents to book your family trip, you’ll get discounts on hotels, cruises, rental cars, and activities. They can even help you with things like rental carseats or cribs or find you somewhere kids eat free.

You’re not going to find yourself unwittingly staying at some hotel filled with people scowling at your kids, or walking into a restaurant where there’s no kids’ menu (the horror!). But on the other hand, if your adventurous eater wants to share your Seafood Étouffée, that’ll work too; you’re not going to be automatically steered towards KidsWorldUSA, just helped to find the kid-friendly venues at the places you can enjoy without wanting to stick a fork in your eyeball.

Now go save up for that trip. You know you want to. -Mir

Check out AmEx’s new Destination Family program online, or call 866-297-2488 to get started with a travel agent.

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