Birthday CardI always give props to greeting cards that make me laugh out loud. And I don’t mean that ironic kind of laugh out loud, like the rhyming cards your great aunt sends you that have been in her dresser drawer since 1974. So when I started browsing Uncooked Greeting Cards and couldn’t stop reading – -and laughing at — the bons mots penned by two ad world dropouts, I knew I had a new go-to greeting card site.

With the holidays coming up, check out the greeting card box sets of 8 that are perfect if you like your holiday cards on the irreverent side. The very irreverent side. In fact, I wish they’d package some of their other, more accessible cards as sets of 8, like the awesome thank you card that reads: I’m so thankful to you, you don’t even know it. And even if you thought you knew it, you don’t, so there. I also dig the somewhat backhanded apology card, and the just because friendship card that you want to save for a very good friend.

But I think it’s this birthday card that I love the best: It’s your birthday and quite honestly, you’ve never looked better. Well, obviously you looked better a few years ago but what can you do.

Pretty much sums it up, huh. –Liz

Find funny greeting cards (that’s an understatement) online at Uncooked Greeting Cards