Allergen-free chocolate ghost Halloween candyWhen my son comes back with his Halloween haul I scour the bag for candy that I don’t approve of (and want to swipe for myself). For me it’s a matter of avoiding high-impact sugar infusions, but for parents of children with food allergies, finding candy with traces of peanuts or eggs can be seriously scary. Which is why Divvies‘ nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free Gourmet Chocolate Ghosts and Halloween Jelly Beans make the perfect addition to a kid’s candy stash.

We’re huge fans of Divvies’ other treats already, but what we especially love about these two-packs of yummy chocolate ghosts is not just that they hold the nuts, eggs and dairy, but that they taste so great even kids without food allergies will love them.

On the other hand, they are a little pricey — the chocolate ghosts are $6.50 for a two-pack pack and a bag of jelly beans is $6.00 — so you may want to save these tasty allergen-free Halloween treats for the trick-or-treaters who really need them, or hand them out as candy favors at a Halloween party. But either way, at least food allergies will be one less scary thing this Halloween. –Betsy

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