No tree nuts allergy patchFood Content Alerts may have a dry name but it’s not at all a dry idea — a website and mobile app that helps you navigate the difficult and sometimes scary world of “no, he can’t eat that either but thanks.” 

I’m lucky that my kids are (knock wood) thus far, allergy free, but seeing the challenges friends have gone through to avoid eggs or peanuts or gluten, I know this is a much needed service.

Basically you enter a food profile, add the food sensitivities, and then from there you can create things like shopping lists, recipe boxes, and a list of “safe foods” to share with teachers or caregivers. There are also forums and various social media tools to help share info — because lord knows the allergy community would be struggling far more without the kindness of kindred spirits trading tips and recipes. 

You can customize your homepage with the Allergy Mom or food safety RSS feeds, and sign up for food alerts in the US, Canada, and the UK (which, come to think of it is a good idea whether you have allergies or not).

The list of food sensitivities isn’t comprehensive yet — I searched for my stepmother’s dreaded cucumbers and carrots and they’re not listed, but you can request them to be added easily. And don’t expect active forums at the moment; the site just launched today. But I’d imagine they’ll be buzzing in no time. After all, far too many people needs sites like this one right about now. -Liz

Find great info about food allergies plus a mobile app at Food Content Alerts

[photo: jeeto! allergy patch collection]