Yubo Lunch BoxesNow’s the time in the school year that moms are figuring out whether that cool lunchbox you bought for your kid actually does the trick, or whether it was more cute than functional. Luckily, I fared pretty well (thanks Cool Mom Picks – heh), but if you didn’t, then don’t suffer for the rest of the year — snatch up a Yubo and thank us later.

This super smart lunchbox, created by two parents with the help of the design team behind the Adiri Nurser, practically packs the lunch for you. The Yubo comes with three mix and match bento-style containers that can be arranged in various combinations based on what you’re packing, and you can order a drink holder or a special ice pack that fits right into the box (sweet!)

But what kids will love is that each lunchbox comes with interchangeable face plates on special paper that won’t stain or rip. You can customize your kids’ lunchbox with a custom photo, grab one of the cool personalized lunchboxes, or stick with the standard designs that range from cute cupcakes or ABCs for younger kids, to rocking BMX bikers. Which means for the price of a new faceplate, you can have a brand new lunch box for your kids every single year.

Best of all, the whole box can be put right into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. And after seeing it, I have to say that even though I love my daughter’s lunchbox, I’m super tempted to make the switch. Who said you can’t have two lunchboxes, right? -Kristen

Check out the cool bpa-free lunchboxes at Yubo and get 15% off your purchase through 10/18 with code “Coolmom”

Congratulations to Kristine G., winner of the Yubo lunchbox!