Boom Boom! Cards - acts of kindness gameIs there anything better than random acts of kindness? Well, maybe intentional acts of kindness. And if anyone is going to start a worldwide kindness revolution, my money is on the women behind Boom Boom! Cards.

Essentially each of the 26 cards in this nice little kit provides a suggestion for an act of kindness, like buying a stranger a coffee, giving five genuine compliments, or picking up litter on the ground. My favorite though, is writing to a mentor or teacher to thank them for the contributions they’ve made to your life.

After you do the deed, pass on the card — there are some fun stickies to help make it easy to do anonymously. While you’re at it, you can look up the card online through a unique tracking code and see how far it’s traveled the planet making random people randomly happy. Or you can see how all people have interpreted that particular card which makes you feel pretty good in itself.

Not surprisingly, the most active online cards are the ones from the teen version of the deck, which includes suggestions to wish someone a happy birthday, help them study for a test, or do a family chore without being asked. Now how is that not the best teen stocking stuffer in the world? –Liz

Find Boom Boom! Cards at the Boom Boom Cards online store now for about 20% off the original price.

Congratulations to Kathy U., lucky winner of a set of Boom Boom cards!