Babymoon vacation spot
I think all mamas-to-be should try to treat themselves to a day or more of ahhhhhh before their lives change forever. Its one of those things people suggest you do — and for good reason. So if you’re up for a babymoon or a final weekend with the girls, we’ve found a few awesome hotels right in the US that can make your final grownups-only trip planning easier.

Of course keep in mind that you can DIY at almost any budget and any hotel with a little ingenuity — and no, going camping when you’re 8 months pregnant doesn’t count.

West Coast
Northern Californian mamas should check out Sonoma County’s chic, modern Hotel Healdsburg (shown) which has some very cool packages for moms-to-be. My favorite is the indulgent Mommymoon “Moms Only” retreat which includes a king-sized bed and a 6-foot soaking tub, meaning they’d need to send my husband to get me outta there.

I love Chicago’s Hotel Monaco’s KN Tranquility Suite’s Baby Shower Bliss package which takes care of the baby shower and babymoon together. The people behind those ubiquitous PJs will throw a relaxed baby shower for you and ten friends, then after everyone is gone, curl up and spend the night gazing out your window at the great city views.

(But, hurry, this special package expires at the end of the month).

New York City is a perfect locale for the pregnant among us, because you can always track down mint chip ice cream or salt-and-vinegar potato chips any time the craving strikes. To make your visit super comfy and pampered, check out the W New York which houses the sleek and luxurious Bliss49 Spa which makes some of the CMP editors’ favorite creams and lotions. And, with the W’s Whatever/Whenever service, they can even take care of getting you those chips and ice cream so you don’t have to get out of bed during Project Runway.

Everyone Else
If you don’t see a nearby locale here, no worries: Just call some places and ask how they’d pamper moms-to-be. You might end up with a prenatal massage in your room or hot chocolate chip cookies in the lobby 24/7.

If all else fails, get a room, put a do-not-disturb sign on the door and live on room service. Then you and your beloved can curl up on the big bed and sleep for maybe the last time in a while. Oh baby, you know you want to. -Christina


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