BPA free children's toothbrushes from MAM
I don’t know why I’ve spent all this time thinking about BPA in plastics but it never once crossed my mind to look into what’s in my kids’ toothbrushes. (Of course our friend Jen at the Smart Mama was thinking about BPA in kids toothbrushes a whole year ago because, well, she’s a smart mama).

But considering my 2 year-old loves to gnaw on it, chomp on it, and suck on it when she’s not actually brushing with it, I like knowing that at least the Learn to Brush Toothbrush Set from MAM is a safe bet.

The set is really well-considered – it comes with a long handled toothbrush so you can hold it at the same time as your toddler and teach her to brush. Then when she’s got the hang of it, you can trade up (or down?) to the smaller size. Plus it’s all BPA, PVC, and pthalate-free which makes sense considering how much time it will hopefully be in your kid’s mouth.

No, there’s no Elmo or Dora or Barbie on it. But maybe you can just pick up the licensed character toothpaste and call it even. –Liz

Find the BPA-free, PVC-free, pthalate-free Learn to Brush Toothbrush Set from MAM at The Soft Landing

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