Recently I was introduced to the Plasma Car at a friend’s house. I had to beg my four year-old to get off…and give me a try. And once I did, she had to beg me to get off.

I’m not the only one. At the ABC Kids show in Las Vegas a few months ago, CMP VIP Julie loved it so much, she bought it right there and then, excess airline baggage check fees be damned.

If you have never hopped on one of these ride-on toys, you don’t know the fun you’re missing. But I’ll tell you: Basically you turn the wheel side to side, and the centrifugal force makes it go. No pedals, no batteries, not even the Fred Flintstone foot power thing. So it’s easy to steer, easy to control, and nice and quiet, which is a plus on Christmas morning.

You can use the Plasma Car indoors or out provided you’re on a smooth surface, and you can even hop on with a younger kid provided together you’re under 220 pounds. But kids three and up will probably want to keep it all to themselves. And that includes kids in their thirties and forties. Trust me – I’ve seen the power of the Plasma Car in person and it is a thing to behold. –Liz

[thanks karen q!]

Get the Plasma Car at Fat Brain Toys