Personalized Hanukkah plate - Jonah, blue melamineSure my son’s friends get monogrammed Christmas stockings, but he can enjoy eating his latkes off one of these personalized Hanukkah plates, by Lima Bean Kids.

These pink or blue melamine dishes feature a sweet menorah design with the name of your choice in playful type below. For those of you with older kids like mine, these are not “baby plates.” They’re 10″ which is ample for whatever Bubbe is serving up this year.

Production and shipping takes about a week, so you’ll want to order your custom plates soon-ish, since Hanukkah starts on December 11th. I think getting a set of these personalized dishes for the entire family is a great way to instantly create a festive Hanukkah table. Just toss a few wooden dreidels around as a finishing touch.

You non-Jews are in luck too, by the way. You can also order any number of personalized Christmas plates. –Betsy

Order your personalized Hanukkah plates at The Silly Wagon and save 15% off all orders with code “holiday15”