personalized rubber stamp from Craft Pudding
Oh my gosh am I excited to have discovered the personalized rubber stamps from Craft Pudding. I already loved the idea when I found them earlier in the year from Vlijtig – and while hers are gorgeous, and entirely customized based on a photo you send, they are a little on the expensive side since you’re paying in Euros. (Stupid dollar.)

The Craft Pudding stamps range from ready made designs, to a basic child with a custom name (shown) or a much more customized rubber stamp where you choose from more than 80 children’s faces and add a child’s name in the typeface of your choice. Prices are all in the $21-23 range. Just throw in a stamp pad and some flat cards, you’ve not only got a great gift, you’ve got ready-made thank you notes to go with it.

Unfortunately moms of darker skinned kids you have to hold tight – while you’ve got a couple of images to choose from right now, more are on their way any day now. Which is just awesome because these are the kinds of stamps that any kid will love. –Liz

[thanks cassie + karen!]

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