Mr. Bump Ouchie
If you’ve got a kid older than about a year, you probably know that bandages are pretty much the best little gift or stocking stuffer ever in the whole wide world. I have no idea if it’s the process of sticking and unsticking them, or the actual wearing of them that’s so appealing, but kids sure do love their bandages.

CMP fave Ouchies has some great new options for kids who have outgrown Dora (but their parents are avoiding Barbie) like the Trippy Mr. Men and Little Miss licensed bandages – come on, how cute is “Little Mr. Bump” on your kid’s booboo?  But what’s really clever are the new Make Ur Own Ouchies–solid pastel bandages that come with three teeny permanent markers for kids to draw their own skulls and hearts and names.

Make Ur Own Bandages from Ouchies
The ink actually stays on pretty well – no worries about it wiping off the bandages onto your kids’ clothes (or your white couch). The only challenge is deciding whether you let the kids draw on the bandage after they put it on and risk getting marker all over their arms, or beforehand in anticipation of the cat scratches and scraped knees to come. I have no answer. I just know my girls like to walk around with a dozen bandages up and down their arms and one day someone is going to call CPS on me. –Liz

Find Ouchies bandages for kids at Ouchies online or in stores all over the place

Congratulations to Sandra K., lucky winner of two fun packs of Ouchies!


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