Princess Katie tee
For my niece’s first Christmas, I got her a big collection of DVDs from great kindie rock artists, hoping it would help keep her away from all that awful kids’ music as she got older. But I never really think to check our favorite musicians’ websites for holiday gift ideas. And then I did. And now I’m glad. Because the Princess Katie and Racer Steve shop is pretty cool.

There are holiday gift packs for fans of the band’s bouncy kids music, but what I really like are the Feisty Princess t-shirts which I know quite a few girls would get a kick out of. Pair a Feisty Princess shirt with the terrific 2008 Fast & Feisty CD and you’ve got a thoughtful gift for your favorite little girl who doesn’t conform to the rules laid out in the official princess handbook. –Liz

Find musical gifts for kids at the Princess Katie and Racer Steve shop


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