Playing dreidel is a staple of celebrating Hanukkah, and I have to say our games have been known to get very competitive. Hey, there are M&M’s at stake! But Staccabees take dreidel playing to a new height. Literally.

This dreidel game set comes in a cotton travel bag filled with brightly colored wooden cubes of different sizes and a dreidel. Instead of merely tossing them in the “pot” you stack them on top of one another and the person who places the final cube on top without toppling the stack, wins.

The game only takes around 20 minutes to play, and although figuring out the rules takes some time, once you do it’s so much fun. In fact, I think it’s something that would be great to play all year round, whether you’re Jewish or not. The only downside, according to my son, is that you can’t eat the cubes.–Betsy

Staccabee dreidel game is available online from Staccabee

Congratulations to Amy Y., lucky winner of the sample of Staccabees!