Holiday card: Rocket sled, from Bumble Ink
Every year I think, Yes, this is the year I am going to get my act together and do holiday cards. But maybe the problem hasn’t been my utter lack of motivation, maybe the problem is that I just didn’t know about Bumble Ink’s cheeky (or downright irreverent) greeting cards until now.

Now these are winter and holiday cards that I can totally see myself sending. I guarantee you the Gingerbread Man Card featuring the little guy eating his own limbs will totally stand out from the pile of traditional Christmas cards most people receive. And if you’re not feeling jingle ballsy enough to send a drunk Santa card, you can always go with something tamer like the rocket sled.

Holiday card: Gingerbread man, from Bumble Ink
Honestly I’m so in love with these cards I’d buy them even if they weren’t printed with soy based inks on recycled card stock. But they are, so guess I better go grab some stamps. -Betsy

Find slightly twisted holiday cards at Bumble Ink. And, because you’re you, save 20% off your order with code CMPHoliday09.

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