Divine Chocolate Gold Coins
Gold coin chocolates are certainly a Hanukkah necessity, although I love how this tradition can be made even better with Divine Chocolate’s gold-wrapped fair-trade coins. Made from cocoa coming from a farmer-owned cooperative of growers in Ghana, Divine Chocolate’s Milk Chocolate Coins are a delicious way to help others while celebrating the season. With natural ingredients like fair trade sugar, cocoa butter and cream, they blow the wrappers off those artificial-tasting gold coins my kids get at birthday parties.

They come bundled in a little pouch with both small and large coins, so if your kids are like mine and offer you a smaller one, let them know you’re on to them. In fact the words FAIR TRADE are embossed onto the foil—I’ll tell them it just means that Mommy gets to trade for the bigger coins. –Christina

Divine Chocolate’s fair trade and kosher certified milk chocolate gold coins are available at Natural Candy Store in single bags or 20-packs.

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