Kimono Pajamas from Douglas and Cocoa
I know friends who have a holiday tradition of giving the kids a new pair of pajamas every Christmas Eve. It makes for fantastic photo ops on Christmas morning — but then I visit in the spring and those poor kids are still walking around in candy cane stripes with elves on the chest. For alternative, I am looooving the Kung Fu style Pajamas from mom-run Douglas & Cocoa.

These soft, slouchy, sophisticated Asian-inspired pajama sets come in patterns like a forest plaid or a red and green flower print that look festive for the holidays without feeling theme-y. And of course there are blues and pinks that kids will be happy to sleep in rest of the year too, as well as kimono style pajamas for babies, matching blankets and baby gifts.

kimono pajamas for babies from douglas and cocoa
When I first checked out a sample pair, I was worried that the bottoms were enormous relative to the top. And they kind of were; but one journey through the washing machine and the sizing seems spot on. Besides, at this price I don’t mind having PJs the kids can grow into, if you know what I mean. It’s also worth nothing that there’s a little blue cat logo on the chest (that would be “Coca,” the designer’s son’s favorite stuffed friend). Normally I’m not crazy about logos on kids’ clothes, but with patterns like these, it’s very unobtrusive.

If you don’t mind spending another $8 you can add a monogram for an extra-special gift. Either way, your kids are going to run around doing crazy kung fu kicks before bed, looking cute and wearing themselves out. Amen. –Liz

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