Marvelous Mama Assets shapewear by SpanxI can say, in all honestly, that there have been times when I would not have gone out out in public had I not been wearing my Spanx. That has everything to do with the way Spanx just makes everything feel so supported, both in the lift-and-smooth kind of way and in the this-helps-me-stand-up-straighter kind of way. Which is why it would have been so awesome to have had some kind of Spanx product to slip on when I was pregnant and my belly was all ponderous and swingy and out there.

Because you know those maternity jeans with the stretchy bands that make your belly feel so comfortably contained? What if you could have had that comfortable-contained feeling without the pants?

Well, now you can, because Spanx has a brand new Marvelous Mama line of maternity shapewear. They have tights, pantyhose, and mid-thigh shaper underwear, which you can wear under skirts when it’s too warm to wear tights. Plus they’re made with non-compression yarns, which means they’ll accommodate all that glorious belly as it grows. -Catherine

The Spanx Marvelous Mama maternity line is available at Target and at Love Assets