MyAgenda desktop planner
This is the first of Cool Mom Picks’ four-part series on organization, sponsored by the most delightful momAgenda, makers of smart products like the the myAgenda Desktop planner, which happens to be perfect for busy people–not just moms!

We’re finally getting our acts together for the holidays and already we can feel 2010 breathing down our necks. And around our house, the new year means new schedules and new
headaches trying to stay organized.

Whether you’re a seasoned planner user or you’ve just bought your very first one (you crazy organizer, you) we’ve got a few tips to help make them work the best you rather than end up collecting dust in a desk drawer somewhere.

1. Make it work for you (and not the other way around). While
planners always seem to make their way under the Christmas tree, not
every one is the right one for you. Figure out what you need and then
search out the planner that best meets your needs. Some people need folders for stashing receipts. Others just want a place to organize their family’s schedules. Some moms like week-at-a-glance formats, while others prefer a day on each page. Get the idea?

2. Use it before you need it. There’s a bit more to setting up a planner than just writing in appointments. Take a few moments to fill out regular activities and commitments, as well as determine how you’ll actually be using the planner. It’s kind of like starting a receipt file before you actually have a pile of receipts with nowhere to go.

3. Tackle one thing at a time. It’s wayyyyy too easy to get overwhelmed by multi-tasking. We’ve found that if you start a new system, it’s often best to manage one thing at a time, like say activity charting, birthday gift tracking, or updating all your contacts. But if you can do them all at once? More power to you, mama! Maybe you’re the one who should be giving us tips.


One of the reasons we love and actually use the momAgenda planners ourselves is because they were created by a mom of four who knows what moms need to make chaotic lives easier. Also? We love that they’re giving our readers an extra 20% savings off the already discounted MyAgenda Desktop planner (as well as everything else at momAgenda) with code MOMCOOL, plus  get free US shipping on all orders!

Congratulations to Theresa K., Sara R., and Catherine W., lucky winners of the myAgenda desktop planner from momAgenda!

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