Baby legs tights
I’m looking for simple, solid color winter tights in 3T that won’t break the bank. -Kristina

As the weather has officially turned here in Atlanta, I’ve also been on the lookout for winter tights for both my girls, Kristina. I dug around to find a few high quality options that will hopefully last the entire season.

We’re huge fans of Baby Legs, and lucky for us they’ve just started making adorable toddler tights (above). While most of the tights are patterned, they’ve got solid pink, which can work well for most girls’ wardrobes, from what we hear. (Ha.)

I’ve heard excellent things about Hanna Andersson tights from our editor Liz, and while they’re not quite as cheap as the other mall stores, if you can catch a sale you can stock up. Right now they’re showing close to 50 styles, and a lot of them are running 2 for $28. They wear so well, many moms hand them down to their second, even sometimes third daughters so we highly recommend them.

If price is no object, or at least $30 is no object, Petit Bateau tights are beautifully made and will hold up through plenty of washings. They have some in their trademark narrow stripes that are beautiful and classic.

Cakewalk nomad girls' tights
Oliebollen has a pretty wide selection of girl’s tights. I like the Me Too stripes which are on sale right now, but if you’re just needing solids, the Catimini turquoise tights come with a matching set of legwarmers.

We found these festive red tights from Cakewalk (right) at The Silly Wagon, which also stocks the wildly popular Deux Par Deux tights.

And last, you kind of can’t beat Land’s End for their $3.99 tights. We can’t vouch for them, but at that price we’d be willing to give it a shot. That said though, learn from my mistake of skimping a bit on quality to save a few bucks. There’s nothing more frustrating than noticing a giant gaping hole on the second wear. Grr. -Kristen

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