If your holiday music collection needs a little boost of something you haven’t heard ten thousand times already, check out  the list of 7 free downloadable holiday tunes from Jitterbug.tv. They’re all original songs from cool bands for kids. In other words: not one cheesy remake of The 12 Days of Christmas in the bunch.

Jitterbug’s gift to my ears features festive, fun, and kid-friendly holiday songs from such CMP favorites as The Hipwaders, Brady Rymer and Princess Katie & Racer Steve. Each one can either be downloaded to your mp3 player, iPhone, or played straight off the laptop for those of us who can’t figure out how to download songs to our iPod.

Hey, don’t look at me that way, I’ll figure it out someday. -Christina

Jitterybug.tv’s free Holiday Playlist is available on their website.

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