Modern Vintage Boots
Oh please tell me I’m not the only woman on the planet (or at least the island of Manhattan) who just can’t do the spiky stiletto heel thing. I know they’re trendy and fabulous and make your legs look great and all – but uh, no. So I’m always delighted to find some fashion-forward footwear that can take me from the office to child-wrangling all in the same day, like the selection of boots at Shop Modern Vintage.

I’m coveting any number of the funky reasonably-heeled European boots made of leathers so soft and yummy, no one will even notice you’re four inches shorter than every other woman in the room. I love their funky adaptation of an engineer boot under the Rosegold label, and the above-the-calf Mary Boot (shown) which I realllllly want. A lot. There are also some edgier boots embellished with studs and zippers, but I’m more of a classic gal myself.

If you prefer a riding boot, good for you; you’ll be in the company of celebs like Nicole Richie who wrangles a kid herself, from what I understand. –Liz

Find awesome designer boots at Shop Modern Vintage AND save a whopping 50% on all shoes with discount code HOLIDAY, which was extended just for CMP readers. Whoo! Ends 1/12/09


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