Super Secret Seashell Cave kids' music albumWhen I first discovered the show last year, I didn’t think I could be any more impressed with Dottie’s Magic Pockets as cool kid entertainment. But they’ve gone and done it again with their newly-released CD, The Super Secret Seashell Cave, which is chock-full of kid-friendly tunes won’t make you want to stab a fork through your eardrum.

Once again, the songs are served with a heaping helping of “families come in all shapes and sizes” but it never veers into over-earnestness or sap. It’s hard to find anything but amusement in lyrics like “Who’s in your family, a mommy or two dads? / Who’s in your family, a dog who wears blue plaid?” (Listen to “Who’s In Your Family” online to hear more.)

It’s music and silliness for all kinds of kids, from all kinds of families, whether yours has two mommies or not. This is just about the most musical fun you can have while promoting acceptance and inclusion for everyone, I think. -Mir

You can buy The Super Secret Seashell Cave CD from the Dottie’s Magic Pockets website and to learn more about the show that inspired it, read our original review here.