Comfortable booster seat cushions by Diggity KidsIt started with two brothers complaining that their booster seats were uncomfortable; five years later, their parents run Diggity Kids, proud purveyor of American-made comfort travel systems for kids who need more cushy digs in the car. All three pieces–seat belt cover, neck pillow, and wedge seat cushion–are designed to make travel in even a hard plastic booster seat more comfortable.

I’ve got a secret to tell you, though. The Keester booster seat cushion is nothing short of a miracle for those of us whose kids are really too big for a booster but still juuuuust a little too short for the regular seat belt. The ergonomic foam wedge design promotes good posture, the cushion is “cool” rather than “so embarrassing, Mom,” and it’s so comfortable, my son has toted it along whenever we need to sit on something hard like bleacher seats.

Plus it means I get to use the word “keester” in conversation more often, so, there’s also that. -Mir

You can buy the entire Comfort Travel System or individual Keesters, neck pillows, and seat belt wraps directly from Diggity Kids.

Congratulations to Shannon B., lucky winner of a three-piece Diggity Kids comfort travel system in leopard print!