Dwell Studio toddler bathrobes
My daughter has a crazy affection for her little bathrobe, especially now while the mornings are cold. She throws it on over her pajamas for breakfast, and there’s something so sweet about it to me – as if a bathrobe makes every morning feel like a lazy Sunday, even as we have to get dressed, pack lunch, and get off to school precisely 8 minutes after the spoon clinks down in the empty cereal bowl.

Poking around this week I came across the Dwell Studio toddler bathrobes and just swooned. The sparrow and paper doll designs are clearly for girls, but the graphic chocolate dots (which also happens to match our bedspread, if you must know) would be great on hip little bathers of all kinds.  And the plush cotton terry lining means kids won’t just be cute, they’ll be comfy and warm, even on mornings like the one we woke up to today.

Not cheap, but made to last. And very very adorable.  –Liz

Find the Dwell Studio toddler bathrobes online.

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