Chobani Champions Greek yogurt for kidsI’m a huge fan of Greek yogurt, and apparently I’m not alone. It has a creamier texture and the perfect hint of tang, and it also happens to have a ton of calcium and protein making it a staple in my fridge for a healthy meal on the go. And who’s on the go more than kids?

Must be why Chobani (an awesome line of yummy Greek yogurts) is coming out with Chobani Champions, made especially for kids.
And it’s made with hormone-free, low fat milk with no artificial flavors, and packed with probiotics, just like the grown up kind.

I gave verryberry, one of four kid-friendly flavors, out for a “taste drive” (ha) and loved what I found: I could taste all the fresh fruit strawberry, raspberry and blueberries, but without the annoying seeds that always get stuck in my teeth. I could easily to inhale several of these small containers in one sitting.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of the chocolate yogurt, but then again, I prefer to get my chocolate fix the old-fashioned way — three candy bars at a time. –Betsy

To find a store that carries Chobani Champions go to the Chobani website.Chobani donates 10% of their profits to charities around the world including Action for Healthy Kids and most recently they donated $50,000 to Haitian relief.