So You Want to be President
President’s Day has typically marked nothing more than a vacation day to my kids. But this year, I feel pretty good that they have actually learned something about their government after watching the smart but entertaining So, You Want to be President?. . .and More Stories to Celebrate American History DVD.

Featuring four children’s books that have been narrated and animated for the DVD, So, You Want to be President? starts with the title story narrated by the cool voice of Stockard Channing. (Not actually a first lady, but played one on TV.) I loved learning a little more about our country’s leaders, from Teddy Roosevelt who had pillow fights with his kids, to Andrew Johnson who couldn’t read until he was 14. My only wish is that some effort had been taken to update this ten-year-old story, since even my young kids yelled they’re wrong! at the line: No person of color has been President.

I grew a bit verklempt watching My Senator and Me: A Dog’s Eye View of Washington, DC which follows Splash the dog as he spends a typical day with his owner, the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. And, the remaining two stories featured the adorable Madam President by one of my favorite illustrator/authors Lane Smith, and the inspiring true story, I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women the Vote. 

Don’t miss the extras which include a very funny interview with Lane Smith and a touching interview with Senator Kennedy. I promise it is all way more entertaining than a few minutes of CNBC. Or CSPAN for that matter. -Christina 

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