Michelle Obama may be known for her sculpted arms, but her commitment to health and exercise goes a lot deeper. Last week, the First Lady introduced a new initiative, Let’s Move!, which is supported by the newly created Partnership for a Healthier America. Their ultimate (and ambitious) goal? Eradicating childhood obesity in one generation.

One third of American children are currently obese or overweight, and we spend $150 billion dollars a year on concerns related to obesity. For the first time in history, American children may not even live as long as their parents, and that’s scary enough to make me drop my fun-size Twix and start lacing up my sneakers for a trip to the playground.

The Let’s Move program includes support for parents, healthier foods in schools, and programs to help our kids become more physically active. The initiative is also supported by our allies at Slow Food USA, who are doing their part by making it outrageously easy to write your representatives about the Child Nutrition Act that’s coming up for vote soon.

So what can you do to help combat child obesity? Visit the Let’s Move website for ideas at home and for the greater good. And then get your kids moving. Exercise is free, and that’s my favorite price point.~Delilah

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