Baby's Belly baby food delivery serviceIf you live in Los Angeles, you’ve got some mad cash, and you want someone else to deliver organic, healthy, super-fresh baby food to your doorstep… well, I’m a little jealous, actually. And Baby’s Belly is here to serve you.

The brainchild of two Hollywood actors and parents, Baby’s Belly offers twice-weekly delivery of healthy, fresh meals for babies from 6 months through toddlers. And we’re talking really fresh–the peas are actually green, and the fish needs to be spooned into your kiddo within twenty-four hours. The Belly Big Kids selections read like the menu at a gourmet
restaurant, with many of the items organic, and it’s good to know they’re very careful about

Once you’re signed up, you just select the meals you want through the website, and then they deliver a specialized cooler to your doorstep.  It’s like the milk man for the super-hip.

Prices aren’t as painful as you might think, ranging from $2.75 for a 4-ounce jar of single-ingredient purees to $4.50 for a toddler tray, with a $25 weekly minimum. Delivery charge is $4 which sounds about right, although there’s a $20 initial sign up fee.

So if you’re in LA, you’re short on time and you can afford it, I say go for it. You can only be smacked in the face with a blender full of pureed sweet potatoes so many times before your stylist starts telling the tabloids. ~Delilah

Find home delivery of fresh baby food in LA from Baby’s Belly. And for a similar service in New York for older kids, check out the wonderful Susie’s Supper Club.