icandy Pear Double StrollerIt’s been a while since I saw a stroller that made me go oooh, or at least until this weekend when I got an in-person demo of the new-to-the US iCandy stroller. And oooh I did.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this popular British stroller is designed very much like a Bugaboo, right down to the air tires, modern fabric colors, silver frame, and logo placement – only it’s a cute little apple or pear on the canopy depending on the model. But it’s definitely more than just a Bug knock-off.

The seat on the basic Apple Stroller has three positions all the way back to a full recline, and can face forward or back. I also liked the adjustable footrest for when kids are old enough to want to shimmy up there themselves. The extending handle is great for handing stroller duty over to Daddy (or tall mommies like Kristen), the stroller bar swings open instead of having to clip entirely on and off which is a smart touch, and the overall stroller fold, while not super compact, does seems much simpler than a Frog or Chameleon – although it was sticking when we tried it out; they chalked it up to a wonky demo model and we’ll take their word for it. I also loved the clever little unobtrusive zip pouch on the basket that holds the air pump, because we seem to lose ours every other day.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010And yes, the iCandy takes an infant car seat which, coupled with the air tires and decent suspension, makes it an appealing improvement over those teeth-rattling snap and go type car seat systems.

But where I really got excited is realizing how much brilliant an iCandy can be for a growing family, or parents of twins.

You can either order the fantastic Pear double stroller (shown) right off the bat and save some money, since it includes everything you need to tote around two kids–or start with the Apple and later order an iCandy upgrade kit to convert it. This is simply inspired; essentially you swap out the wheels and the converter frame for one that accommodates two stroller seats – or a stroller and an optional bassinet, or two bassinets or infant car seats if you’re wrangling twins. Suddenly those behemoth side-by-side twin strollers feel like relics from the past.

iCandy pear strollerThe price? Well, this is a luxury stroller as I said. While the prices aren’t published online (nor are the products sold online thanks to their admirable support of mom and pop retailers) the Apple will run you about $630, the converter kit $499, or just skip right to the Pear for $900.

If it holds up half as well as it seems like it will, you’re sure going to get your money’s worth. And some sweet four-wheeled eye candy to boot. –Liz

Learn more about the  iCandy strollers including the iCandy pear double stroller at iCandy.com where you can find a retailer near you including Babesta in NY, Bellybum in Chicago, and Kiwibaby in Boston.