Pixyme iPhone app
Okay, so I’ve found a new app for my iPhone. It’s pretty simple. And pretty inexpensive. And pretty much entertaining my entire extended family because they keep getting random e-mails from me that feature their names written in some unexpected place.

Pixyme is a new app that offers a wide range of images: the snowy windshield of a car, for example, or the bubbly top of a mug of coffee. You can customize the picture with your name or your kids’ names or the name of the lucky recipient of your eleventh random e-mail of the day.

And I don’t mean they just insert some text on top of the picture, oh no. That name is getting written in the snow on the windshield. Like you climbed right up onto that car and did it yourself.

Not every single one is a winner, but lots are. And if you want to get even more personalized, there are even frames you can customize around photos from your own library.

But the neatest part for a time-deprived mom? If you really like one of the images you’ve created you can have it turned into a postcard for $1.99 ($2.99 outside the US) and mailed to anyone you choose.

So what’s the purpose of this app? The creators claim it’s only one thing, really: To make people smile. And, in my family at least, it’s certainly working. –Stephanie

Play with your photos using the Pixyme i iPhone app

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