Jazz Playground CD by Putumayo Kids
I’ve never been much of a jazz fan, maybe because it conjures up images of being stuck in a smokey bar during an endless amatuer improv-and-scat sessions. But, I have to admit that when packaged into bite-sized, three-minutes-and-under portions on Putumayo Kids’ new Jazz Playground, I kind of dig it.

What really holds my interest in Jazz Playground is the wide variety of jazz forms presented. There is the cool Latin jazz of Cumbamba from US/Cuban Jose Conde as well as the horn-full jazz of Australia’s Kinderjazz in Gazooba. And even though I don’t understand a word of Dutch, I adore the playfulness that comes through in Trapperdetrap’s Zuignapje and in familiar tunes like Shortnin’ Bread and This Little Light of Mine.

I’ve come to expect Putumayo Kids to travel the world, and Jazz Playground does just that with examples of jazz, bebop, swing, bossa nova and Gypsy Jazz from places as far away as Japan and Brazil.
And, yes, in case you were wondering, Japanese jazz is pretty great. -Christina

Find the cool kids’ music CD Jazz Playground at Putumayo Kids. Also check out their remaining concert dates to see some of the artists live.

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