RxArt Installation at NYUMy nephew was hospitalized at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when he was around two and I am forever grateful to the amazing staff who helped cure him — and to all of the special facilities that help children. I guess that’s why I am so blown away by RxArt.

This non-profit organization pairs up with some incredibly famous contemporary artists like William Wegman, Frank Stella and Sol LeWitt in an effort to transform sterile hospitals and outpatient centers into places popping with creativity and color.  There’s even a CAT scan machine designed by one of my favorite artists, Jeff Koons. Or check out the fabulously happy walls of the NYU Child Study Center designed by Ryan McGinness (above).

How can you help? Easy.

RxArt Coloring BooksIn order to raise money for this worthy cause, RxArt created Between the Lines, their second limited edition coloring book. It features inspiring drawings by 48 renowned artists that your kids can enhance with their own artistic vision.

They’re just $20 a piece, which not bad for a  whole volume of “fill-in-the-blank-with-your-kids-name” originals. Or just get it for yourself and save it as a collector’s edition. That’s what happened with the first volume. -Betsy

Buy the Between
the Lines Coloring Book
and learn more about this great nonpofit at RxArt.net.